2014 Prizes

Below is an overview of prizes that will be awarded during the 2014 MassDiGI Game Challenge. Please also be sure to read our Judging Guidelines and Competitor Prep page, along with the full Competition Rules.


Thank you!

Team Prizes

1 category prize-winning team will be awarded our Grand Prize Winner Pack, which includes:

  • $2,000!
  • Legal services package from GreenbergTraurig valued at $7,500**
  • Wacom tablet from Great Eastern Technology
  • PR package*
  • Customized mentorship package*
  • PAX East 2014 demo at MassDiGI “Made in MA: The State of Play” booth*
  • Creative Cloud from Adobe
  • Trophy

6 teams will be awarded Category Prize Winner Packs 1.) Indie Prototype/Near Release – Entertainment 2.) Indie Concept – Entertainment, 3.) College Prototype/Near Release – Entertainment, 4.) College Concept – Entertainment, 5.) Indie & College Prototype/Near Release – Serious and 6.) Indie & College Concept – Serious, each of which includes:

  • $250!
  • Legal Services Package from MBBP valued at $1,000**
  • PR Package*
  • Mentorship Package*
  • Dejobaan game code
  • Ubisoft game
  • Trophy

6 teams will be awarded Category Runner-up trophies, one in each category.

1 team will be awarded a High School Category Prize Winner Pack and 1 team will be awarded a High School Category Runner-up, each of which includes:

  • Studio tour
  • Classroom visit
  • Trophy
  • Dejobaan game code
  • $100 GameStop gift card

All entries are eligible for MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program consideration, a $20,000 value***.


NEW! Honorable Mention certificates may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

NEW! 1 team will be voted the People’s Choice trophy by attendees on March 8.



* No cash value. PR Package to include various promotional opportunities including inclusion on the MassDiGI website / social channels, inclusion in Game Challenge related press releases and ongoing PR support. Mentorship packages to potentially include local studio tours and arranged meetings with industry executives. Grand Prize winners must provide their own PAX East badge to participate in the mini-session at the MassDiGI “Made in MA: The State of Play” booth. 

** No cash value.  And, (a) GreenbergTraurig or MBBP will need to do a conflicts check, and if there is a conflict GreenbergTraurig or MBBP will not be able to represent (and therefore since there is no cash value, the prize will be forfeit) and (b) it covers legal fees only, not any third party disbursements.  The grand prize winner will only receive the GreenbergTraurig legal services package.

*** No cash value. Expires, 8/15/14.

All prizes subject to change, alteration or revision.


  • What people are saying…

    This past summer was, without a doubt, the most productive, amazing, incredible, fun time I have had in my college life. I can’t thank MassDiGI enough for the experience it allowed me to have with the other incredible artists and programmers I was able to meet and work with. The staff and every mentor who stopped by helped us believe in ourselves and created a fantastic game dev environment for all of us. If there’s one thing I learned from this program, it’s that you won’t discover what you are capable of until you just go out and try your best at something.
    Renzo Heredia, Berklee College of Music '15 and SIP '14
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