“Start-up stories” by Marco Mereu – Franklin M. Loew Lecture Series at Becker College: December 6, 2019 – Worcester, MA

Start-up stories:

Lessons learned along the way

By Marco Mereu, Framerate GM & SVP, Super League Gaming

Since 2013 Marco Mereu, a Boston-based entrepreneur, has started up three companies, Gameblyr, Roostr and Framerate, and sold the latter two – one to Chartboost in 2016 and the other to Super League Gaming in 2019. In this talk, “Start-up stories,” he’ll speak about some of the most important lessons he learned along the way.

Barrett Center, 80 William St., Worcester, MA 01609

Co-sponsored by MassDiGI

Open to the public. Seats are limited.

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Mass. STEM Week: October 23, 2019 – Worcester, MA

See Yourself in STEM Game Jam

A game jam (making a game within a time limit using a prescribed set of tools) is a great way for young people of any experience level to try their hand at building a game – from coding on up. MassDiGI, working with the Becker College student game development club and a Becker College professor, is offering a 6 hour game jam for high school students, teachers and parents across the state this Mass. STEM Week.

Interested students, teachers and parents will spend their time creating a digital game from assets that the club provides using the Game Maker software engine*. This engine has a simple and intuitive workflow that students of all backgrounds will be able to easily pick up.

For those participating online there will be a dedicated communications channel with all Becker student club members so that if anyone participating online runs into any problems they can be helped promptly.  The club will provide all that participate with a game jam “kit”, this will provide people with the engine along with any assets that the people may need. The theme of the game jam will be See Yourself in STEM.

And, lastly, after the conclusion of the game jam and to the extent possible, the games will be posted online for all to play.

For more information about Mass. STEM Week, please click here.

  • STEM Exploration
  • High school students, teachers and parents
  • Wednesday, October 23, 2019 – 330p-930p
  • Online (unlimited)
  • In-person at MassDiGI, Becker College, Barrett Center, 80 William St., Worcester, MA (limit 16)


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