G4: Nano Swarm Takes Game Challenge

San Francisco, Austin, Toronto; when it comes to centers for game development and instructing the gaming innovators of tomorrow, MassDiGI wants to add one more city to that list – Boston.

Home of some of the most prestigious schools and development studios such as Irrational Games, the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) is looking to create an environment where students looking to get into the industry start in college and finish with a real job in a development studio right down the road. Click here to read the complete story at G4.

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Boston Herald: Indie Game-makers Battle for Funding

The first MassDiGI Game Challenge kicked off yesterday at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, where 300 aspiring video game developers will compete this weekend for a chance to release their game concept to the world. Click here to read the full article at the Boston Herald.

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WCVB TV Chronicle: Games

On April 12, MassDiGI was featured on the popular WCVB TV (ABC) magazine show “Chronicle” along with PAX East, Irrational Games, Becker College, Turbine, Muzzy Lane Software & MA EOHED Sec. Greg Bialecki. Click here to see the show (view Segment 2 for MassDiGI).

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Boston Herald: Game Time for Mass.

“As the third annual video gaming PAX East expo wrapped up its final day at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday, the president of its producer, Penny Arcade, said the event “has taken over the city like never before.” Click here to read the full article at the Boston Herald.

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GamersInfo: An Interview with MassDiGI’s Monty Sharma

“One of my earliest, most memorable interviews was with Monty Sharma, who at the time was a co-founder of Vivox, an audio services provider for online games. I still clearly remember how he was on-the-edge-of-his-seat excited about Vivox’s potential, anticipating a need just as it was emerging, months before company after company started signing on for their services. Fast forward several years later, and Monty is working with the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute and is as excited to bring new ideas to the table for both students and game developers alike.” Click here to read the full story at GamersInfo.net.

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