GAME LAUNCH: Jump to it with Leap A Head – 4/5/18

Jump to it with Leap A Head

Leap A Head, a free, fun, puzzle-platform game, is available for download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The mobile game was created during the 2017 MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program (SIP) by students Abdealaziz Ben Yahia from WPI, Ryan Maloney from Northeastern, Tiffany Chiu from RISD, Kuan-Chi Chen from Mt. Holyoke, Ashley Hyre from Becker, Joseph Kane from LYIT (Ireland) and Lisa Jeong from Berklee College of Music.

Working over the summer, the team produced a beta/near-release version of the game – watch the trailer here. From there, we brought the game into our LiveStudio program at Becker during the fall ’17 and spring ’18 semesters. Through LiveStudio, more students across a range of disciplines, including business students, had roles in polishing the game and getting it ready to launch. For a roster of all the contributors to the game, check out the credit roll. You can download Leap A Head today for iOS and Android.

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Open for business – 3/26/18

Officials speak with students at NVCWith our New Ventures Center up and running, we’re now accepting applications for development teams interested in setting up in our space for limited time periods. Depending on your pitch and project, we expect to run renewable 30, 60 and 90 day cycles, depending on your pitch, project and progress. Of course, along with the space, successful applicants will receive advising and business assistance services as mutually agreed upon – all at no cost. So, if you have a great idea and just need a little space and support to get it off the ground, drop us a line at infoatmassdigidotorg with your deck and we’ll go from there!


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Fur takes grand prize in seventh annual MassDiGI Game Challenge pitch contest – 3/6/18

Fur takes grand prize in seventh annual MassDiGI Game Challenge pitch contest

Worcester, MA – March 6, 2018 – Fur by Grind Games won the Grand Prize in the seventh annual MassDiGI Game Challenge pitch contest this weekend.

Fur, a first person puzzler, where players save cute furballs then nurture and use them to explore and solve problems was created by Grind Games, a team made up of three Becker College students, Tung Vu, Matt Venezia and Jared Braun.

The game, which also won the College & University Beta Category, Best Business Model and Best Audio at the contest, edged entries from student teams representing other institutions such as Champlain College, WPI, Quinsigamond Community College, Northeastern University and Harvard University.  Fur will be released on PC later this year.

Fur game screenshot

“We are excited Fur won the Game Challenge,” said Vu, a junior in game design. “If you have a passion for making games then you really must attend this event. You learn so much not only from the judges but the other competitors, too.”

The MassDiGI Game Challenge helps indie and student game developers and entrepreneurs shape their ideas and products for launch. This year 31 teams from across the northeast competed in front of a packed house at the new $7.3 million Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the campus of Becker College in Worcester.

“MassDiGI’s focus on fostering new, business-focused talent is what the local game industry needs. They’re an important part of the regional games community,” said contest judge Oleg Brodskiy, a past Game Challenge competitor and COO of the Boston Festival of Indie Games. “Game Challenge alumni have opened their own studios, found jobs at larger studios, or landed in related careers.”

Since the MassDiGI Game Challenge began seven years ago, over 250 different teams from around New England and beyond have pitched games and taken home prizes valued at over $100,000. Top past winners include titles such as Salad Hunt, Intern Astronaut (VR), PWN, Catlateral Damage, Depression Quest, Wobbles and Starlot Derby.

The annual event is a showcase for the expanding game development cluster in the region. Over the event’s two days, dozens of game industry veterans served as mentors and judges.

As the Grand Prize, College & University Beta Category and Best Business Model winners, the Grind Games team won cash and other prizes valued at about $5,000.

“This year’s contest was the tighter than in any previous year,” said Monty Sharma, managing director of MassDiGI, “Every team was impressive in its own right. The creativity and skills on display improves every year as do the games.”

Keeper game screenshotOther top winners include Burlington, VT-based Micropup from Champlain College which won the People’s Choice Award for its game Keeper as well as the Serious Category.

“Winning the Serious Category and the People’s Choice Award exceeded our expectations in a big way,” said Alex Frey, Micropup’s team captain. “This is our first trip to the Game Challenge and the experience was incredible.”

Keeper is a 3D platformer with gardening mechanics and is focused around raising awareness for declining bee populations. Through an engaging narrative complete with wildlife friends, the game communicates actionable, real-world tactics to aid local pollinators.

Psychoactive Entertainment, another team made up of Becker College students, won the College & University Alpha Category with a game codenamed Project Boynton where you play as a punk witch and obliterate monsters, harvest their guts and use those guts to craft potions to obliterate more monsters.

Garden, an augmented reality (AR) gardening app, by Sunshine Committee won the Indie Category.

The Best Art award went to Fire Frame with Atlas Excel (Pratt Institute), Best Technical Dystrophic with Hexile (Harvard).

Runner-up awards went to:

Indie Category – Runner-up

  • ML Studios with Mythicast Arcane Academy

Serious Category – Runner-up

  • Dystrophic with Hexile (Harvard)

College & University Alpha Category – Runner-up

  • Team RGB with Data Strain (QCC)

College & University Beta Category – Runner-up

  • Jinboz with The Palace of Monarch (WPI)

Best Art – Runner-up

  • Jinboz with The Palace of Monarch (WPI)

Best Business Model – Runner-up

  • ML Studios with Mythicast Arcane Academy


Read the full press release on Gamasutra here.

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2018 MassDiGI Game Challenge winners! – 3/3/18

2018 MassDiGI Game Challenge winners!

Best Art

Fire Frame with Atlas Excel – winner (Pratt)

Jinboz with The Palace of Monarch – runner-up

Best Design

No winner

Best Technical

Dystrophic with Hexile – winner (Harvard)

Best Business Model

Grind Games with Fur – winner (Becker)

ML Studios with Mythicast Arcane Academy – runner-up

Best Audio

Grind Games with Fur – winner (Becker)

Serious Category

Micropup with Keeper – winner (Champlain)

Dystrophic with Hexile – runner-up (Harvard)

Indie Category

Sunshine Committee with Garden – winner

ML Studios with Mythicast Arcane Academy – runner-up

College Alpha Category

Psychoactive Entertainment with Project Boynton – winner (Becker)

Team RGB with Data Strain – runner-up (QCC)

College Beta Category

Grind Games with Fur – winner (Becker)

Jinboz with The Palace of Monarch (WPI)

People’s Choice

Micropup with Keeper – winner

Grand Prize

Grind Games with Fur – winner


Stay posted for more information.

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2018 MassDiGI Game Challenge finalists announced – 3/3/18

2018 MassDiGI Game Challenge – Finalists


  • Sunshine Committee with Garden
  • ML Studios with Mythicast Arcane Academy
  • Zen Dragon with Neon Bullet
  • Weeping Witch Studios with Ice and Bone


  • Micropup (Champlain) with Keeper
  • Dystrophic (Harvard) with Hexile
  • Obliti (WPI)

College – Beta

  • Grind Games (Becker) with Fur
  • Starflight Studios (Becker) with Defenders of Atlantis
  • Jinboz (WPI) with The Palace of Monarch

College – Alpha

  • Psychoactive Entertainment (Becker) with Project Boynton
  • Team RGB (QCC) with Data Strain
  • Skerter Industries (Becker) with Exploding Cube


Honorable Mentions

  • Ill Teteka (Becker)
  • Disco Drop (Becker)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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GAME LAUNCH: Batter up! Becker Derby hits the stores – 2/28/18

Batter up! Becker Derby hits the stores

Becker Derby

Baseball and softball fans can now take on Becker’s mascot, Hank the Hawk, and his tricky pitches in an attempt to swing their way to stardom in the newly launched video game, Becker Derby.  The mobile game features Hank as the pitcher challenging players in their quest to hit as many home runs as possible before striking out. The app, produced by Worcester, MA-based studio Maximum Crash which was founded by Becker alumnus Rejon Taylor-Foster ’17, is now live and free to download for Android and iOS users.

“We wanted to find a way to offer students and fans a true baseball and softball experience that could bring them closer to the teams,” said Matt Tittle, Becker’s Assistant Athletic Director for Communications.  “Now, instead of waiting for Spring, our fans can experience the excitement of Becker baseball and softball year-round.”

The full game experience pits players against Hank’s gravity bent pitches, crowds of SEEGull agents, and a dark dimensional force only known as the Void. With some advice from @regalSeagull194, players may stand a chance against the Void’s retro-dimensional universes filled with failed experiments and trapped invaders.

Becker Derby is a collaboration between Maximum Crash studios, the Becker College Athletics Department and the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) at Becker.

The Becker baseball team starts its season on Saturday, March 3rd at the New England Baseball Complex against Newbury College at 11:00 a.m.  Becker softball starts on March 11th against UMass Boston at 4:30 p.m.

For additional images and videos of Becker Derby, please click here.

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NVC opening – 2/1/18

MassDiGI New VEntures Center imageFor MassDiGI, not only did January usher in a new year, it ushered in a new era as our New Ventures Center (NVC) opened. As a part of Becker College’s impressive new $7.3 million Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the NVC will give us the opportunity to provide business assistance services to an even greater number of students and startups from campuses and communities across the region with the ultimate goal of seeing more Massachusetts-made games in the marketplace.

In addition, the NVC will serve as a home to select a Company-in-Residence and Faculty-in-Residence. To that extent, we’re very pleased to have Petricore Inc. joining us as our  inaugural Company-in-Residence along with Asst. Prof. Robert Biggert from Assumption College as our inaugural Faculty-in-Residence.

The Barrett Center is also home to Becker’s Yunus Social Business Centre, an AR/VR lab, an esports space, a lecture hall,  a digital gallery, studios, team rooms, faculty offices and MassDiGI’s administrative office.

Generous support for the Barrett Center as well as the NVC came from many foundations and individuals as well from grants provided by the US Dept. of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) and MassDevelopment.

Check out the coverage of the opening semester here: Worcester Telegram, Worcester Business Journal and Worcester News Tonight/NECN.

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Save these dates – 12/14/17

With the New Year just around the corner it’s time to share some important upcoming dates:

  • SIP application period opens 1/2/18 and closes 3/21/18
  • Game Challenge – 3/2/18 and 3/3/18 (competitor registration opens – 12/21/17)
  • Made In MA at GDC – 3/20/18 (RSVP opens 1/26/18)
  • SIP Decision Day – 3/30/18
  • Made In MA at PAX East – 4/5/18 (RSVP opens 2/8/18)
  • SIP Begins – 5/15/18

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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Grant gives MassDiGI New Ventures Center a boost – 10/26/17

On October 26, 2017, the Baker-Polito Administration awarded MassDiGI  a $35,000 grant toward the development of our New Ventures Center.

Alan Ritacco and Paul Cotnoir of Becker accept the award on behalf of MassDiGI.

The NVC will serve as an on-campus business assistance center for interactive media, game development, business and technology students from Becker and other higher education institutions across Massachusetts. Through active mentorship with game industry leaders and faculty experts, the NVC will bring students together and provide access to the educational programming, technical assistance, and business development support needed to learn, incubate, and launch products in the global digital marketplace.

The Collaborative Workspace Program awards, a MassDevelopment initiative, seek to strengthen community-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth’s cities and towns, while spurring job creation at the local level. This is the second award MassDiGI has received from the program.

Read more about the award in MassDevelopment’s press release here and in the Worcester Business Journal here, here and Worcester Sun here.

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When it comes to innovation, MassDiGI is a Game Changer – 10/20/17

Tim Loew, Monty Sharma and Nancy Crimmin with Game Changer award

In a world where innovation and disruption reign, MassDIGI is a key player. That was underscored today by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce when it presented MassDiGI and executive director Tim Loew with a Game Changer Award.

“MassDiGI has played a major role in the growth of the digital gaming sector in the region and continues to shape the economic landscape of Worcester and Central Massachusetts in a positive and significant way,” said Tim Murray, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce president.  “The Chamber is pleased to recognize MassDiGI for their game changing contribution to the region.”

The award, presented during the Chamber’s annual Game Changers Business Conference and Expo in Worcester’s Mechanics Hall, recognizes the most innovative companies, colleges and start-ups that are transforming and supporting the region’s economy. This year’s theme was the innovation economy and start-ups.

MassDiGI’s Executive Director Tim Loew and Managing Director Monty Sharma were on hand to receive the award.

“We are really proud of the work we do with the many students that we engage with across institutions in the region, the start-ups that we work with, and the communities”, said Tim Loew, MassDiGI’s executive director. “We feel really lucky to have been able to do this in Worcester, and at Becker.”

Also present at this morning’s event was Becker president and MassDiGI advisory board chair Nancy P. Crimmin, Alan Ritacco, dean of the school Design and Technology, and students from MassDiGI’s Live Studio course.

Tim Mammen of IPG Photonics and Shahbaz Soofi of WooRides also received Game Changer awards.

Read more about the award in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette here.

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