SIP23 team selected – 4/10/23

Since 2012, our Summer Innovation Progam’s first year, applications to SIP have grown year over year in terms of quality, geography, major and diversity. This time around we received applications from 326 undergraduate and graduate students representing 94 colleges and universities from around the world making it, once again, one of our most competitive year ever.

Choosing only 25 as interns was very challenging. After many hours, we selected a really talented group. This summer’s SIP23 team will be made up of interns from 16 institutions including Acadia, Amherst, Berklee, BU, Brandeis, Brown, Clark, Cornell, MassArt, NYU, Northeastern, RISD, RIT, Smith, Vassar and, of course, WPI.

SIP23 begins on May 16 and concludes on August 4. Over those 11+ weeks, with guidance from staff and industry mentors, SIP23 teams will be responsible for all the work necessary to build and launch a game. Simply put, there is no internship program like it in the world. We can’t wait to get started!

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Game Challenge reboot – 3/16/23

Several folks have inquired about the state of the MassDigi Game Challenge, an event and competition we have organized since 2012. Over the years, the Game Challenge (as well as it’s more recent offspring – the Pre-Game Challenge) has given hundreds of developers of all kinds the opportunity to pitch their games in front of industry veterans. Some of those games have been published, some haven’t. And, that’s what the next iteration of the Game Challenge is going to focus on – getting more of the games published. So, this year we’re going to be spending our time constructing an entirely new framework that we’ll roll out in 2024. Stay tuned!

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“How to Find and Build a $100 Million Business” by Monty Sharma: January 22, 2023 – WPI Wintersession, Worcester, MA

There are likely a number of $100 million ideas around campuses just waiting to be uncovered. So, what do engineers and scientists need to know to have a huge impact and identify one? What do you need to understand about technology innovation in order to be successful? Identify the right kind of solution based on the state of technology and the structure of that sector. And, learn how to find the perfect customer to get things started.

Innovation Studio. 1-2p. Free and open to all. Please click here to register.

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“How to predict tech trends” by Monty Sharma: January 21, 2023 – WPI Wintersession, Worcester, MA

We live in a fast-paced world with new discoveries popping up in every field.  How do you develop a vision of what is coming next? How do you analyze new opportunities to determine if they are a game changer or a flash in the pan? In this workshop, you will learn a methodology to track and analyze what is happening in your field. By keeping your eye on this you can pick the best company to work for or see the chance to start a business.

Innovation Studio. 1-2p. Free and open to all. Please click here to register.

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