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The MassDiGI Experience Program (XP) is a special eleven-week virtual internship program that includes the mentoring, guidance and stipends to help teams of recent college and university graduates and current college and university students finalize an original digital game and prepare it for launch.

  • A chance to work on a game prototype from the ground up
  • Work with a team to help create the next big hit
  • Industry mentors to help guide you
  • A modest stipend

This is not just another internship but a chance to hold the fate of a game in your hands.  There are industry mentors and staff to help you – but in the end it is up to your team to build a successful game.**


  • The XP21.1 application period is open through January 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET. Applicants will receive their acceptance, wait list or denial notification on or before January 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.
  • XP21.1 is scheduled to run from January 26 to April 16, 2021, though given current circumstances everything is subject to change.** Please read the FAQ’s before applying. 

MassDiGI XP is funded in part through a CARES Act grant from US EDA as part of its University Center program. MassDiGI XP is expected to run for 4 times – XP 21.1, XP 21.2, XP21.3 and XP 22.1. Dates related to the latter three will be determined soon.


Who can participate?

SIP19 teamsThe Experience Program (XP) is open to recent graduates and current students from regionally-accredited colleges or universities.* All must be able to commit full-time to a typical work week for the entire duration of XP.

The goal of the program is to provide a high quality opportunity for those who may have had their early career or academic path disrupted by the pandemic.

The application process is expected to be very competitive. For example,  in SIP, a similar program, 253 students attending 66 different colleges and universities from around the world applied for the 25 available slots.

What disciplines can apply?

Recent graduates and students studying game development, design, programming, animation, art, production and computer science will make up most of the teams, but there is room for marketers, writers and musicians, as well as others, too.

What will you build?

In addition to team-generated projects, on occasion, MassDiGI also works with a number of sponsors that are building everything from mobile entertainment games to educational titles.  You will work on a team that is focused on one title – though you will have a chance to help out on some of the other titles.

What does this cost?

Nothing. In fact, you will receive a modest stipend.

What is a stipend?

Money. You will receive $850 for XP.

Where have MassDiGI alumni gone on to work?

MassDiGI program alumni have gone on to work or intern at a range of companies and organizations including Sony, Google, 2K, Nickelodeon, Proletariat, USA Today, Harmonix, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, MIT Lincoln Lab, EA, Amazon, Turbine, WB Games Boston, Wooga, Uber, Pilot Studio, SAP, Wizards of the Coast, Wayfair, Filament Games, Epic Games, Magic Leap, Disney, Adult Swim, OtherSide Entertainment, Teach for America, Roosterteeth, Vivox, Unity, Zapdot, Brightcove, Jibo, Insomniac Games, Zenimax, Hi-Rez Studios, Kongregate, Philips, Fanbyte, Niantic Labs, Zynga, Goldman Sachs, Wellington, Bungie, Disbelief, Legends of Learning, Manticore, Genvid and Hasbro or startup their own studios such as Zephyr Workshop, Starcap Games and Petricore Games.

Do I have to be a recent graduate or student at Becker to participate?

No. The program is open to all recent graduates as well as current college and university students at a regionally-accredited college or university.*

How many recent graduates and students are accepted into the program?

We plan to accept 25 into XP. All accepted into XP must have their own computer and access to the internet.

* The regional-accreditation requirement may not apply for applicants enrolled in non-US institutions. International students must handle their own visas and documents as required.

** All of the above is subject to change including stipend, virtual option, duration etc.

Are you a company looking to sponsor the program? All sponsors receive:

  • Branding on the MassDiGI website and at events
  • Opportunity to provide inserts for attendees to the Game Challenge event
  • Prominent branding in all messaging related to the program
  • Invitations to Open House
  • And more!

Please contact Monty Sharma (monty.sharma(at)massdigi.org) if you would like more information on SIP or sponsorship.


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