Virtual Production Lab

The Virtual Production Lab (VPL) brings the latest in game development technology to campus.

By working with industry and academic partners, students and faculty, the VPL will provide a complete development environment from game engines and source control to lighting effects.   The VPL will bring together core environments for PC, Mobile, Social and Console gaming.  Faculty and students will have access to the latest software from anywhere. Construction of the VPL is in process.


The VPL exists to respond to three needs:

  1. Game developers often find that recent college graduates need more practical experience with contemporary development environments.  The experience gap results from the rapid changes in development technology and the restrictions and complexity involved in supporting development environments on academic networks.
  2. Students and faculty need additional supports in order to bring up multiple development environments and manage the ever-changing nature of game technology during the course of an academic year.
  3. Technology providers are challenged when working across multiple academic institutions. Each institution has its own process making interactions less efficient.

MassDiGI is tackling these problems by creating the Virtual Production Lab.

  1. Students and faculty will have access to the latest technologies in a complete development environment.
  2. MassDiGI will provide a technical director who will maintain the environments and support students and faculty.
  3. Technology providers will be able to deal with a single team that delivers services to multiple institutions.

Access & Sponsorship

The VPL will be open to any partner institution.

Separately, sponsors receive:

  • Their technology in the hands of students
  • Single point of contact that supports multiple educational institutions
  • Access to educational materials and forums
  • Support for special classes, user groups and events
  • Branding on MassDiGI Website and at events

This program is under development.

Please contact Monty Sharma (monty.sharma(at) if you would like more information on the VPL.

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