2016 Game Challenge winners and finalists – 2/27/16

Published on Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Quick post – winners and finalists – more details coming soon.

Grand Prize

  • Broken Door Studio (WPI) with “Intern Astronaut”

People’s Choice

  • Zephyr Workshop with “Florafiora”

Indie Entertainment – Demo/Alpha

Finalists – Zephyr Workshop and Petricore Games

Honorable Mention – BareHand with “Big Boi Little Boi”

Indie Entertainment – Beta/Near Release

Finalists – Jig Time and Copper Frog

College Entertainment – Demo/Alpha

  • Winner – The Sunshine Committee with “Heist Night” Runner-up – Nick West with “HotWired”

Finalists – Nick West’s Omnitone Games with “HotWired” (Becker College) and The Sunshine Committee – Tom Farro, Kelly Zhang, John Guerra, Benny Peake & Dillon DeSimone “Heist Night” (WPI)

Honorable Mention – MOTU (Fitchburg St.), Revolver: Rebound (WPI), The Experiment (Five Colleges), Convergence (Becker)

College Entertainment Beta/Near Release

  • Winner – Broken Door Studio – Sean Halloran, Shane Stenson, Yingying Chen, Jake Hawes and Kedong Ma with “Intern Astronaut” Runner-up1 – French Frogs – Samuel and Tristan Charron with “Make Bonds Now” Runner-up2 – Jeremy Slavitz with “Metamorphic

Finalists – Broken Door Studios (WPI), Metamorphic (Tufts University) and French Frogs (Becker)

Honorable Mention – Lily Leap (Becker)

College & Indie Serious

  • Winner – i++ – Francesca Carletto-Leon, Dillon DeSimone, Sam Wallach and Robert McKenna with “Chinmoku” Runner-up – Jeffrey King, Katie McDonald and Melissa Cochran with “EduSaga

Finalists – EduSaga (Harvard University Graduate School of Education) and i++ (WPI)

High School

  •  Winner – Nostradingus with “PolyThief” Runner-up Hoksy with “Shelter Shock”

Finalists – Hoksy (Westborough) and Nostradingus (Millbury)


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