2019 MassDiGI Game Challenge winners – 2/23/19

Published on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

The 2019 MassDiGI Game Challenge winners are:

Indie Category

  • Winner – Dirty Beast Games with Feral Frontier
  • Runner-up – Snow Pumpkins with Sole Iron Tail

College & University Division A – Pie Category

  • Winner – Team Disco*Vision (Champlain College) with Blood to Ink
  • Runner-up – Shattered Journal Games (Becker College) with Floaty Fighters

College & University Division B – Donut Category

  • Winner – Fruit Postal Service (Northeastern University) with Fruit Postal Service
  • Runner-up – Hard Hats Studio (Becker College) with Maximum House/Property Damage

College & University Division C – Brisket Category

  • Co-winner – Sunburst Studio (WPI) with Sliptime Sleuth
  • Co-winner – Basic Witch (Becker) with Project Birchtree

High School

  • Winner – CrypticCHAD (Nashua (NH) North HS) with Soul Mates

People’s Choice

  • Feral Frontier

Grand Prize

  • Sliptime Sleuth

Honorable mention recognition: Best Technology – Wrong Warp Games (Champlain) with Arachnotron, Best Art – Bone force Games (Northeastern) with Deadboy, Best Business Plan – Project Birchtree, Best Design – Sliptime Sleuth

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