SIPX: What it’s all about – 7/2/18

Published on Monday, July 2nd, 2018

SIPX: What it’s all about

By Paul Calande, Hampshire College ‘19

Greetings! My name is Paul Calande, and I am an engineer who is part of MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program Extension, or SIPX for short. Here at the scenic Becker College campus, week 6 is winding down as numerous game developers are moving away from creating new features and towards polishing their work to make their games feel nice and juicy. (Translator’s note: “juicy” means visually pleasing, flashy, and attractive to the eyes!)

SIPX teamAs the name suggests, SIPX is an extension program closely related to the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program (SIP). We work alongside SIP in the same building and we get to attend the same lectures, meetings, and playtest sessions that SIP does. The primary difference lies in who exactly we’re working for. SIP teams work amongst themselves on their own projects and have their own producers, while SIPX teams are working for and directed by industry professionals. There are two SIPX teams which each work for a different company: Dejobaan Games and The Deep End Games. Of course, like the SIP teams, both SIPX teams are also mentored by and offered the assistance of the all-powerful dynamic duo, Monty Sharma and Walt Yarbrough. SIPX is a relatively new program (ed. note: it began last summer), but it has so far been successful in helping video game companies raise their games off of the ground. The wage and living arrangements are the same as the ones offered by SIP, so members of both programs can live their summer lives alongside each other.

Thanks to all of the common ground between SIP and SIPX, I can experience SIP vicariously through seeing SIP students do their work. Being in the same space is certainly nice and cultivates a tight-knit community of developers.

SIP and SIPX have both debated about who was allowed to make fun of who. Results were inconclusive. Regardless, we all get great experience, great industry connections, and great additions to our resumes!

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