Announcing XP, our latest program – 12/2/20

Published on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Announcing XP, our latest program

Today, we’re happy to announce our latest effort, the MassDiGI Experience Program. Designed with both recent university graduates and current university students in mind, XP is an internship opportunity for folks who have had their early career or academic path disrupted by the pandemic and are interested in a high quality game development experience to bolster their resumes and add to their portfolios. XP is now accepting applications through January 4, 2021.


Similar to SIP, the MassDiGI Experience Program is a competitive eleven-week virtual internship program that includes the mentoring, guidance and stipends to help teams build a game and prepare it for launch.

The first cycle of XP is scheduled to go from January 26 to April 16, 2021.

XP is funded in part through a CARES Act grant from US EDA as part of its University Center program. The program is expected to run for 4 times – XP 21.1, XP 21.2, XP 21.3 and XP 22.1. Dates related to the latter three will be determined soon.

For more information about XP, please click here.

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