GAME LAUNCH: Go nuts in Rodent Rampage! – 8/7/23

Published on Monday, August 7th, 2023

Rodent Rampage, a free, fun scrolling adventure game, is available for download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Watch out for this acorn aviator! When it comes to acorn selection, it’s do or starve, and S.Q. Tailblazer sure ain’t gonna starve! This year you have a plan… As seen on tv, everything’s better with a jetpack. Lucky for you, not everyone remembers to lock their shed – and there’s a leaf blower inside with your name on it. Good thing you stole that engineering degree!

The mobile game was created during the 2023 MassDigi Summer Innovation Program (SIP) by students Jericho Dibb from MassArt -> Gnomon, Alexandra Mintz from WPI, Elisha Kelley from Clark, Alice Han from BU, Kerri Thornton from WPI, Marlaine Hanna from Northeastern and Brandon Zongora from Berklee.

Watch the trailer here and download Rodent Rampage today for iOS and Android!

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