GAME LAUNCH Takeover Trail: The world is yours – 11/15/16

Published on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Takeover Trail: The world is yours

By Timothy Loew, executive director, MassDiGI

filett_000Takeover Trail, a free, fun, strategy game about world domination, is available for download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The mobile game was created during the 2016 MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program (SIP) by students Sarah Spiers from Emerson College, Ian Clinkenbeard and Erica Lyons from Becker, Prisyafandiafif Charifa from NYU, Conor Canavan from LYIT (Ireland), Elizabeth Lanahan from RISD and Joe Marchuk from Berklee College of Music.

Working over the summer, the team produced a beta/near-release version of the game – watch the trailer here. From there, we brought the game into our LiveStudio program at Becker during the fall ’16 semester. Through LiveStudio, more students across a range of disciplines had roles in polishing the game and getting it ready to launch. For a roster of all the contributors to the game, check out the credit roll. You can download Takeover Trail today for iOS and Android.

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