GAME LAUNCH: Tap into love with Fostr – 11/13/20

Published on Friday, November 13th, 2020

Tap into love with Fostr

Fostr screenshotFostr, a free and fun pet care idle game, is available for download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Help cute animals find their forever home in Fostr. Start off as a beginner and advance your skills in order to foster more animals – including exotic and wild ones who also need a safe and loving environment.

The mobile game was created during the 2020 MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program (SIP) as part of a special collaboration with UMass Dartmouth. The team included Jack Carpenter, Mike Correia, John Egan Marcus Johnson and Ryan Wickett from UMassD as well as Mikey Schubert from Becker College and Primrose Kirk from Berklee College of Music.

Working over the summer, the team produced a beta/near-release version of the game – watch the trailer here. From there, we brought Fostr into our Collab (FKA LiveStudio) program during the fall ’20 semester. Through Collab, more UMassD students had roles – as did others in our Becker-based marketing lab – in polishing the game and getting it ready to launch. For a roster of all the contributors to the game, check out the credit roll. You can download Fostr today for iOS and Android.

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