GAME LAUNCH: Zen out in Merge Monastery! – 8/29/23

Published on Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

Merge Monastery, a free, fun merge game, is available for download now at Google Play.

Stuck in an emotionally hard place, you stumble upon an old garden corrupted by bitter emotions that needs a bit of pruning, love, and care.

The world could use a little more positivity, and what better way to represent that idea than by growing happiness through the literal fruits of your labor?

The mobile game was created during the first-ever 2023 MassDigi Summer Studio program by a core development team of Clark University students including Maxwell Xavier, Jay Lam, Wednesday D’Angelo, Ismail Alatise, Alona Yeganova, David MacRae, Emily Clewes, Charles Marble, RJ Anthony, Tyler Gaughan, Ed Greig, Porter Orvetti and Chenxi Gao.

Watch the trailer here and download Merge Monastery today for Android!


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