2017 MassDiGI Game Challenge – Results – 2/25/17

Published on Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Quick post, more to follow soon.

GC17 – Winners!

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER – May’s Journey
  • High school – Green Ninja – Winner
  • College/Univ Alpha – Bounce.wav – Winner, Node – Runner-Up, Pickup Pup – 2nd Runner-Up
  • College/Univ Beta – OBIO – Winner, B.C.E. – Runner-Up, Don’t Shoot Us – 2nd Runner-Up
  • Indie Alpha – Cede – Winner, Salad Hunt – Runner-Up
  • Indie Beta – Kill the Old Gods – Winner, Connexi – Runner-Up
  • Serious – May’s Journey – Winner, Monsters and Memories – Runner-Up
  • Best Art – Salad Hunt
  • Best Audio – Salad Hunt
  • Best Design – Node
  • Best Tech – Cede
  • Best Business Model – Cede
  • <Bonus award> Best Paper Prototype – Balls

GC17 – Finalists!

Game Team Category
May’s Journey WPI/NU Small Squares Serious
Monsters and Memories NU MadUnd3ad Studios Serious
LangQuest Desert Fathers Serious
Kill the Old Gods Weeping Witch Studios Indie Beta
Connexi Witching Hour Indie Beta
Cede BareHand Indie Alpha
Salad Hunt Salad Hunters Indie Alpha
Trianglism Cat the Coolest Indie Alpha
Green Ninja Millbury HS Banzai Games High School
OBIO Becker, Emerson Team TATR College/Univ Beta
Before Common Era (B.C.E.) NU Blue Drop Games College/Univ Beta
Don’t Shoot Us Becker Jaderain Studios College/Univ Beta
Node NU, Tufts Sound Lemmings Studios College/Univ Alpha
Bounce.wav WPI Team Bounce.wav College/Univ Alpha
Pickup Pup Smith, Hampshire Dog Squad College/Univ Alpha
Rune Run Becker Cosmic Salt College/Univ Alpha

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