NEWGROUNDS LAUNCH: Get your revenge in Roller Riot – 8/3/21

Published on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Roller Riot, a free, fun and fast-paced beat-em-up game, is now available on Newgrounds. Get it here now!

NG screenshotCrazy cyborgs are causing chaos in the city and have made their way towards the Roller Derby District. You are the last one standing. Punch, kick and roll your way through a frenzy of different enemies hell bent on taking you down. Show them that you are a force to be reckoned with and that they chose the wrong street. And, don’t forget to use your cyber upgrades to take down more enemies!

The mobile game was created originally during the 2019 MassDigi Summer Innovation Program (SIP) by students Oriana Carletto from SVA, Denis Gillespie from LYIT, Ben Aube from Becker, Jason Gertner from Becker, Amanda Saker from MECA, Sarah Ke from Mt. Holyoke and Ethan Reese from Berklee.

Working over that summer, the team produced a beta/near-release version of the game. From there, we brought the game into our LiveStudio program at Becker during the fall ’19 and spring ’20 semesters. Through LiveStudio, more students across a range of disciplines, including business students, had roles in polishing the game and getting it ready to launch – watch the trailer here. Jason Gertner took the lead on launching the game on Steam in the spring’20 and Newgrounds in the summer of ’21. For a roster of all the contributors to the game, check out the credit roll. You can download Roller Riot today as well as on iOS and Android.

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