Ophidia: Scope, scope, scope – 7/6/15

Published on Monday, July 6th, 2015

Ophidia: Scope, scope, scope

By Rachel Burton, junior, WPI

From the beginning our project, Ophidia, has been ambitious but now, approaching the halfway point, I’m beginning to worry about scope. Despite being warned from day one about biting off more than can be chewed in 11 weeks, we shot for the stars, and now the stars are shooting back.

IMG_5817It’s surprisingly easy to forget about the limited time frame when the team has a vision of the perfect game with all sorts of fun and interesting features. Since we locked down on design decisions it has become easier to see which wishlist items won’t make it into the game, but even still we’ve had to let go of some levels we were excited to build. It’s hard to kill your darlings, but as we’ve all learned it’s an essential part of game development, especially with a small team and short time period.

Still, the team is exceptionally dedicated, and I think we’ll get all out non-wishlist items in and still have time for polish. Learning what not to have faith in and what to definitely have faith in has been a large part of this experience, and I have the utmost faith in myself and my teammates.

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