SIP Blog: Getting going, looking ahead – 6/1/23

Published on Thursday, June 1st, 2023

After two intense virtual weeks of onboarding, SIP23 has finally commenced on WPI’s campus. This program brings together 25 developers from various schools in the United States – and Canada this year – offering them the opportunity to create games over the summer. We have four teams named Cotton Candy, Fried Dough, Corn Dogs, and Caramel Apple, each consisting of six game developers, along with an audio director collaborating with all four. These teams have brainstormed initial game ideas and created “dirty builds” which will be showcased and playtested next week by a group of 5th graders from Worcester’s Elm Park Community School. The results of this playtesting will give each team the opportunity to get feedback and determine which one of their ideas resonates most with the audience.

Alex SamMeet Alex (Soup) Supron, an IMGD Production student at Clark University, and Samuel Yusuf, a Masters Student of Science and Technology for Innovation in Global Development at WPI. We have joined forces to take charge of the marketing and outreach efforts for MassDigi’s Summer Innovation Program this year.

Each of the teams has come up with captivating and innovative ideas that truly showcase the talent of the developers involved. Working alongside such incredible individuals has provided us with a clear direction for our marketing strategy.

Our Marketing Goals for SIP23 are as follows:

1. Establish connections with industry professionals by organizing events and arranging guest speakers during studio hours. This will help foster valuable networking opportunities for the participants and allow them to learn from experienced individuals in the gaming industry.

2. Promote community engagement through social media platforms, with the primary objective of raising awareness among companies and professionals about the SIP program and the talented developers who participate in it. We aim to create a vibrant online community that supports and recognizes the achievements of these aspiring game developers.

By focusing on these goals, we hope to enhance the overall experience of SIP23 and create valuable opportunities for the participants, while also spreading awareness about this exciting program to a wider audience. Each week we will have a different developer write a blog post about a topic that they feel passionate about in order to give all of you reading some insight into the program and the individuals who participate in it.

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