SIP Jam round-up – 7/15/19

Published on Monday, July 15th, 2019

SIP Jam round-up

Hey! My name is Jordan Kegler, I’m a VFX and environment artist here at SIP – and a Becker College student! This year we tried something a little different from what normally happens in the off time during SIP, we decided to have a game jam!

SIP Jam pictureGame jams are basically quick little spans when you make a game, either as a team or as an individual! My friends and I from Becker constantly participate and plan different game jams, but we thought it would be a cool idea to do one with all of the people in SIP, too! I even started programming my first game during this jam which was a wild experience! Altogether, 7 games were launched after SIP Jam, all made in 24 hours, and updated slightly afterwards!

Here are links to all of the games! Overall, we’re really happy with how everything came out, and hope this can be a tradition going forward!!

Siren Serenade (Mobile) –

SQUIFA 2019 (PC) –

Bird Go Up (PC) –

Bullethell (PC) –

Crab Smash (PC) –

Blame the Controller (PC) –

Love Hunt (PC) –

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