SIPBLOG: SIP24 takes off! – 5/24/24

Published on Friday, May 24th, 2024

SIP24 takes off!

By Liberty Henry, Emerson College ‘24

SIP24 onboardingThis week, the MassDigi team began the onboarding process for SIP24. This first week we’ve been on Zoom, focusing on becoming acquainted with one another and getting into the groove of working together as a team. Led by Monty Sharma, Tim Loew, and Walt Yarbough, our team has undergone several different meetings discussing existing games and the game industry as a whole. They’ve also completed numerous activities where they’ve dissected aspects of pre-existing games, as well as tried to come up with different game mechanics and prompts to get their own creative gears turning.  

By far one of the biggest takeaways our participants have had is that communication is key. This is especially important as, this year, we are operating with three different teams spread across our locations at WPI and Northeastern. We are happy to announce the sickly-sweet names of our three main teams: Leaf, Necco, and O-Pee-Chee. All three teams will work over the course of the next ten weeks to create three separate games. 

Our participants have already begun to grow quite close, and have been very excited to start working on their projects. As our teams enter pre-production, we are excited to see what this year’s batch of SIP participants will bring to the table. 

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