SIPBLOG: Iteration, animation and no procrastination – 6/21/24

Published on Friday, June 21st, 2024

Iteration, animation and no procrastination

By Ben Zakharenko, Berklee College of Music ’25

Now several weeks into SIP, all teams across the Northeastern and WPI campuses are now well into the weeds of making their games. By this stage in the development process, the core gameplay for all three games has been established and first builds have been delivered. This foundation has now allowed for our programmers to receive feedback and iterate on their designs, refining mechanics and ensuring smooth functionality. They’re also establishing a regular build schedule, which is crucial for maintaining a steady workflow and ensures frequent playtesting while still hitting our project milestones.

Meanwhile, our artists are putting in significant effort to bring the visual elements of our games to a more polished state. Assets are moving away from the initial programmer art as concept art turns into background designs and animations. Seeing these visual components come to life within each game is quite inspiring!

On the audio front, my role has ramped up considerably, as sound effects, voiceover and music make their way properly into the game. Now that gameplay loops and aesthetics have been thoroughly established, I have been working as fast as possible to nail down the musical systems of all three games I’m working on, not only composing the necessary music cues but also designing their interactive elements in FMOD. However, while my focus this week has been music, I’ve also been working on designing sound effects and other audio assets for the more finalized animations as they come in as well. One of the highlights on that front this week was a voiceover recording session on Tuesday, where several SIP members lent their voices to bring some characters from team Leaf and team Necco’s games to life! The collaboration and enthusiasm during this session was a testament to the passion everyone has for their projects.

Overall, the pace of development is accelerating as we strive to meet our deadlines. Each team is making remarkable progress, and it’s exhilarating to see how our games are evolving from concept to playable experiences. We are all eager to see the final products as our projects
continue to take shape.

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