SIPBLOG: Making progress – 6/14/21

Published on Monday, June 14th, 2021

Hello! My name is Daniel Narvaez, and I’m a fourth year game design student at Parsons School of Design. We’re now at the end of our fourth week of the 2021 MassDigi Summer Innovation Program. While none of us have yet to see the fruits of our labor bloom, I can say for certain that we’ve been appreciating all the progress made as we go along.

My primary role om my team is as our designer, and I’m joined in-person by my five, very talented teammates. Nicole Strubinski, an animation student at Rhode Island School of Design, is our team’s producer and main 3D artist. Connie McGinnis is a game design student at Rochester Institute of Technology and she’s our main technical artist, with strengths in 2D illustration, animation and coding. Georgia Liu is the team’s main 2D artist with strengths in character design and concept art, and she is currently an English major at Brown University. A Game Programming student transferring from Becker College to Clark University, Tristan Sistare is one of the team’s two main programmers. Our other programmer, coming all the way from Spain, is none other than Miquel Sans Cornet, and he’s an Interactive Media and Game Development graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. And, of course, Cal Tillman from Berklee College of Music is our un-pictured sound star. Together at MassDigi we are SIP21’s Team Crème!

So, where are we right now in our development process? Well, we’ve all agreed our game is going to be an arcade-style fighting game. To keep things in scope as we go along, we’ve asked ourselves a lot of questions about the genre. On the programming side, I’ve guided the steps necessary to build the “fun” of fighting games starting from the most fundamental pieces of them. As we enter the fifth week, our next step includes integrating the art with the basic code.

Every day has been trial and error. From my own experience, my teammates are giving it their all, and it encourages me to do the same. I learn a lot from them; not only about the iterative design process, but also about my own strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to continuing working on the project with them in the coming weeks!

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