Would you like to write a blog? – 12/7/12

Published on Friday, December 7th, 2012

Would you like to write a blog?

Blog by Tim Loew, Executive Director, MassDiGI

MassDiGI is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with the Boston Globe and Boston.com on the establishment of a regional game industry blog for The Hive. In order to support this effort, MassDiGI has committed to organizing gratis, crowdsourced content from local game ecosystem authors, curating and editing the submissions and feeding them to The Hive for posting.

Over the next several weeks, MassDiGI will be gathering a handful of posts, testing and producing guidelines/FAQs for prospective authors. The goal is to have a steady flow of cool content organized for an official launch by mid-January 2013.

The first test post, published today, “Making a game of “Game of Thrones””, by Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff can be viewed here.

This is great opportunity for everyone from studios and campuses across the region to let the world know about the amazing work and research being done right here in Massachusetts. If you have an interest in writing a blog, please contact me (timothy.loew(at)massdigi.org) for more information.

12/19/12 Update – Blog submission guidelines can be found here.

1/18/13 Update – Other test posts to date include: “The big payoff when video games are free” by MassDiGI’s Monty Sharma; “I was a teenage congressman” by Muzzy Lane’s Chris Parsons and “With a little help from my friends: a day in the life of a game developer” by The Tap Lab’s Dave Bisceglia.

2/8/13 Update – The State of Play blog is live and can be found here.


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