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  • Also, thank you to Popcannibal, Dejobaan Games, Zapdot, The Tap Lab, Owlchemy Labs, FableVision, Proletariat, Subatomic Studios,, Ubisoft Montreal, Execution Labs, UMass Medical School, NeuroScouting, Petricore Games, Disco Pixel, Open Gaming Alliance, HEVGA, Valve, Demiurge Studios, DDM, Pileated Pictures, Unity 3D, Verizon FiOS, Thumbspire, Bare Tree Media, Petricore Games, Harmonix, Ellucian, MassChallenge, swissnex Boston, UKTI, Consulate General of Japan in Boston, Consulate General of France in Boston, Quebec Government Office in Boston and all our other local, regional and international friends for their support.
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